The Whispered Prayer of the Beseechers

In the Name of God, the All-merciful,
the All-compassionate


My God,
          though my stores for travelling to Thee are few,
                    my confidence in Thee has given me a good opinion.314
          Though my sin has made me fear Thy punishment,
                    my hope has let me feel secure from Thy vengeance.
          Though my misdeed has exposed me to Thy penalty,
                    my excellent trust has apprised me of Thy reward.
          Though heedlessness has put to sleep my readiness to meet Thee,
                    knowledge has awakened me to Thy generosity and boons.
          Though excessive disobedience and rebellion
                              have estranged me from Thee,
                    the glad tidings of forgiveness and good pleasure
                              have made me feel intimate with Thee.
          I ask Thee by
                              the splendours of Thy face
                              and the lights of Thy holiness,
                    and I implore Thee by
                              the tenderness of Thy mercy
                              and the gentleness of Thy goodness,
          to verify my opinion in expecting
                    Thy great generosity
                    and Thy beautiful favour,
                              through nearness to Thee,
                              proximity with Thee,
                              and enjoyment of gazing upon Thee!
          Here am I,
                    addressing myself to the breezes
                              of Thy freshness and tenderness,
                    having recourse to the rain
                              of Thy generosity and gentleness,
                    fleeing from Thy displeasure to Thy good pleasure
                              and from Thee to Thee,315
                    hoping for the best of what is with Thee,
                    relying upon Thy gifts,
                    utterly poor toward Thy guarding!


My God,
          Thy bounty which Thou hast begun - complete it!
          Thy generosity which Thou hast given me - strip it not away!
          Thy cover over me through Thy clemency - tear it not away!
          My ugly acts which Thou hast come to know - forgive them!


My God,
          I seek intercession from Thee with Thee,
                    and I seek sanctuary in Thee from Thee!
          I have come to Thee
                    craving Thy beneficence,
                    desiring Thy kindness,
                    seeking water from the deluge of Thy graciousness,
                    begging rain from the clouds of Thy bounty,
                    requesting Thy good pleasure,
                    going straight to Thy side,
                    arriving at the watering-place of Thy support,
                    seeking exalted good things from Thy quarter,
                    reaching for the presence of Thy beauty,
                    wanting Thy face,
                    knocking at Thy door,
                    abasing myself before Thy mightiness and majesty!
          So act toward me with the forgiveness and mercy
                    of which Thou art worthy!
          Act not toward me with the chastisement and vengeance
                    of which I am worthy!
          By Thy mercy,
                    O Most Merciful of the merciful!