The Whispered Prayer of the Repenters


In the Name of God, the All-merciful,
the All-compassionate


My God, offenses have clothed me
                              in the garment of my lowliness,
                    separation from Thee has wrapped me
                              in the clothing of my misery!
          My dreadful crimes have deadened my heart,
                    so bring it to life by a repentance from Thee!
          O my hope and my aim!
                    O my wish and my want!
          By Thy might,
                    I find no one but Thee to forgive my sins
                    and I see none but Thee to mend my brokenness!
          I have subjected myself to Thee in repeated turning,
                              I have humbled myself to Thee in abasement.
                    If Thou castest me out from Thy door,
                              in whom shall I take shelter?
                    If Thou repellest me from Thy side,
                              in whom shall I seek refuge?
          O my grief at my ignominy and disgrace!
                    O my sorrow at my evil works and what I have committed!


I ask Thee, O Forgiver of great sins,
                    O Mender of broken bones,
          to overlook my ruinous misdeeds
                    and cover my disgraceful secret thoughts!
          At the witnessing place of the Resurrection,
                    empty me not
                              of the coolness of Thy pardon and forgiveness,
                    and strip me not
                              of Thy beautiful forbearance and covering!


My God,
          let the cloud of Thy mercy cast its shadow
                    upon my sins
          and send the billow of Thy clemency
                    flowing over my faults!


Verse 4 translation missing in original book!


My God,
          if remorse for sins is a repentance,306
                    I - by Thy might - am one of the remorseful!
          If praying forgiveness for offenses is an alleviation,
                    I am one of those who pray forgiveness!
          To Thee I return
                    that Thou may be well pleased!


My God,
          through Thy power over me,
                    turn toward me,
          through Thy clemency toward me,
                    pardon me,
          and through Thy knowledge of me,
                    be gentle toward me!


My God,
          Thou art He who hast opened a door to Thy pardon
                    and named it 'repentance',
          for Thou said,
                    Repent to God with unswerving repentance.307
          What is the excuse
                    of him who remains heedless of entering the door
                    after its opening?


My God,
          though the sins of Thy servant are ugly,
                    Thy pardon is beautiful.


My God,
          I am not the first
                    to have disobeyed Thee,
                              and Thou turned toward him,
                    or to have sought to attain Thy favour,
                              and Thou wert munificent toward him.
          O Responder to the distressed!
                    O Remover of injury!
                    O Great in goodness!
                    O Knower of everything secret!
                    O Beautiful through covering over!
          I seek Thy munificence and Thy generosity
                              to intercede with Thee,
                    I seek Thy side and Thy showing mercy
                              to mediate with Thee,
                    so grant my supplication,
                              disappoint not my hope in Thee,
                              accept my repentance,
                              and hide my offense,
                    through Thy kindness and mercy,
                    O Most Merciful of the merciful!