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Sermons, Letters, and Sayings attributed to Imam Ali (a.s.)

(Though Nahj Al-Balagha is attributed to Imam Ali and was compiled ,not fabricated,, by Syed AL-Radi,,yet it is still considered as a collection of hadith (traditions and narrations) which its validity depends on two main factors. First, the chain of narrators and transmitters of each sermon or letter should be highly recognized as valid and authentic. Second, the content of each sermon or letter should not contradict with any Quranic doctrine. Therefore, not everything in this book can be taken for granted unless it has been validated, and many of these letters and sermons have been highly validated ).


للإستماع الى اشهر خطب نهج البلاغة

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Anasheed  الاناشيد الاسلامية














This work was digitalized by the effort of   Ahlul Bayt Digital Islamic Library Project.