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  Deceptive Fossil Interpretations Of Evolutionists *

Before going into the details of the legend of man’s evolution, we need to mention the propaganda method that has convinced the general public of the idea that half-man half-ape creatures once lived in the past. This propaganda method makes use of "reconstructions" made in reference to fossils. Reconstruction can be explained as drawing a picture or constructing a model of a living thing based on a single bone-sometimes only a fragment-that has been unearthed. The "ape-men" we see in newspapers, magazines, or films are all reconstructions.

IMAGINARY DRAWINGS: In their pictures and reconstructions, evolutionists deliberately give shape to features that do not actually leave any fossil traces, such as the structure of the nose and lips, the shape of the hair, the form of the eyebrows, and other bodily hair so as to support evolution. They also prepare detailed pictures depicting these imaginary creatures walking with their families, hunting, or in other instances of their daily lives. However, these drawings are all figments of the imagination and have no counterpart in the fossil record.


Since fossils are usually disordered and incomplete, any conjecture based on them is likely to be totally speculative. As a matter of fact, the reconstructions (drawings or models) made by the evolutionists based on the fossil remains are prepared speculatively precisely to validate the evolutionary thesis. An anthropologist from Harvard, David R. Pilbeam stresses this fact when he says "at least in paleoanthropology, data are still so sparse that theory heavily influences interpretations. Theories have, in the past, clearly reflected our current ideologies instead of the actual data". (53) Since people are highly affected by visual information, these reconstructions best serve the purpose of evolutionists, which is to convince people that these reconstructed creatures really existed in the past.

At this point, we have to highlight a particular point: reconstructions based on bone remains can only reveal the very general characteristics of the object, since the real distinctive details are soft tissues that quickly vanish in time. Therefore with the speculative interpretation of the soft tissues, the reconstructed drawings or models become totally dependent on the imagination of the person producing them. Earnst A. Hooten from Harvard University, explains the situation like this:

To attempt to restore the soft parts is an even more hazardous undertaking. The lips, the eyes, the ears, and the nasal tip leave no clues on the underlying bony parts. You can with equal facility model on a Neanderthaloid skull the features of a chimpanzee or the lineaments of a philosopher. These alleged restorations of ancient types of man have very little if any scientific value and are likely only to mislead the public... So put not your trust in reconstructions. (54)

Two drawings of Java Man seen above, which are totally different from each other, provide a good example of how fantastically fossils are interpreted by evolutionists. 

Steven Stanley's drawing
(Human Origins)

Maurice Wilsonís drawing 
(From ape to Adam The Search for the Ancestry of Man, Herbert Wendth)

As a matter of fact, evolutionists invent such "preposterous stories" that they even ascribe different faces to the same skull. For example, the three different reconstructed drawings made for the fossil named Australopithecus robustus (Zinjanthropus), is a famous example of such a forgery.

The biased interpretation of fossils or fabrication of many imaginary reconstructions may be an indication of how frequently evolutionists have recourse to tricks. Yet these seem innocent when compared to the deliberate forgeries that have been perpetrated in the history of evolution.

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